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We create beautiful brands, apps, websites and print media that is user friendly and engaging. We are relentless in our quest for pixel perfection. Our team has a rich knowledge and understanding of both print and digital media which ensures that online and offline identities created by The Hatchery are viable, current, long lasting, context-appropriate and high impact designs.

Our team is equipped with the very latest in design technologies including: the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of products, Apple Mac Hardware and Wacom Tablets (for illustration purposes). Our team is also passionate about photography and can provide semi-professional photographic solutions using intermediate hardware from Nikon and Canon.

Mobile Design

There is not an immediate and complete transfer of design knowledge from print to web and web to mobile. So it is rare to find a team that is capable of bringing a deep and forward thinking understanding of mobile to a discussion based primarily around web design, and vice versa. If you need anything done in the mobile space (especially iOS) then we are the team to talk to.


Apart from the illustration shown on this site, we have done some fantastic illustrations for the likes of Born Free Books, GfK, PowerQUBE and many others. Take a look at our project galleries for a taste of our artistery.

Logo & Identity Design

For many of our early customers, we were building technology solutions for startup companies blazing a new path online, and without a brand or business identity already established. We are very proud of the work we do on this front, and although it isn't a particularly profitable side to our business, because it plays an integral role in the overall online and offline perception of your business, we are pleased to work with you to get this just right.


Once you have had a taste for our perfection in web or mobile design, like many of our customers, you may be looking at your current business card or flyer and feeling a little disappointed with it. Don't worry, we are experts at print too (an unusual combination of skills), and would be happy to assist you with an offline, print media re-design.