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E-commerce and Web Development

The internet permeates much of our lives in this 21st century, and we get excited by the opportunities it presents. Below is a list of technologies we use regularly to deliver value to our customers:

However, our expertise goes well beyond the tools we use and languages we type. We have a deep and broad understanding of online businesses and add value at a strategic and implementation level that is difficult to find elsewhere. Our knowledge and understanding of e-commerce can add value well beyond the deliverable of a great website or mobile application, and we are passionate about using these skills to help businesses succeed.

iPhone, Smartphone & Mobile Development

Some might argue that we are Apple (and in particular iOS) 'fanboys' - what design and / or mobile company isn't nowadays, right? The truth is that we do love Apple and many of their products, but we are also incredibly passionate about all things mobile. We believe mobile technologies are the shooting stars of the future and we want to be a part of our customer's success in this developing ecosystem.

Some of the mobile platforms and technologies we have experience of are listed below:

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Windows Mobile 6.5+
  • Bango (for premium text billing)
  • mBlox (for premium text billing)
  • BulkSMS (for transaction texts)