• Our Services: Maintenance and Support

Our Services


Almost all our clients turn to us for assistance with hosting their website(s). As a result we have an agreement in place with one of the world's largest hosting providers that ensures our customers get the best possible price for hosting and we take care of the management of the servers that reside in fully redundant and state of the art data centres throughout the world.

Things we offer as part of our hosting service include:

  • Windows and / or Linux Hosting
  • Dedicated or Shared Hosting (depending on the traffic you might expect to your website)
  • Full Server and Backup Management
  • POP3 and IMAP Mail Provision
  • SSL Certificate Registration, Installation and Maintenance
  • SQL Server Database Management

We know that our customers are conscious of watching their profit margins when it comes to monthly website expenditure, so the hosting service we provide is very competitively priced and perfectly adequate for most website requirements.

Site and App Maintenance

If we were like many other companies in our industry, we could draw an endless source of revenue from retainers which guarantee us income but don't guarantee our clients value. This business model just doesn't sit well with us, and so we don't. Most of our clients spend their money wisely, and prefer to see growth rather than maintenance. So we try to make ongoing maintenance of the sites and apps we build as cost effective and self-managing as possible - thereby allowing our clients to spend their money on new, valuable features and site developments or designs. Thanks Cloudbase™!

Customer Support

Supporting customers that visit websites or use mobile applications is a time consuming but vitally important part of any customer relationship management programme. Using the best in SaaS Help Desk software from Zendesk we provide SLA-guaranteed service packages to clients that demand the best for their customers. We fully support the site or application from a technical perspective and ensure that all business-related queries get routed to the person best placed to help the customer.