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Best-of-breed Integration

Very few companies that operate online or on mobile are able to limit the scope of their business to the features and tools they build internally. Social media is everywhere, change happens at the speed of thought, and it is nigh impossible to keep up with all the tools that are being embraced by millions of people around the world without tapping in to the data and feature interfaces provided by other companies.

We have "paid our school fees" when it comes to learning from 3rd party integrations, and are equipped with knowledge and a deep understanding of numerous best-of-breed technology interfaces, their pitfalls and strengths. So whether you require Google product integrations, Facebook Graph / Connect integration, Twitter feed integration or HTML newsletter database integration with the likes of Campaign Monitor, we have probably done it all before; and if we haven't, we certainly know what to look out for when we do.

Some of the tools we believe are 'best-of-breed' and have experience working with are: